1) What are your hours?
- We are currently closed due to COVID but hope to open very soon.

2) What age children are allowed to attend the youth center?
 - All children from 3rd Grade through 12th Grade are welcome

3) Does a child have to register in order to participate?
- Yes, all children must be registered. Registration forms can be picked up at the youth center during business hours.

4) Is there transportation available?
- At this time we are unable to provide transportation to and from the youth center.

5) Is the youth center available for rent for other activities?
- Yes. The youth center is avaiable for rent for a fee as long as it doesn't conflict with other previously scheduled activity. Facility use applications are available at the youth center during business hours.

6) I see that you are a Christian organization. Is all the activity at the youth center religious in nature?
- No. While our non-profit is a faith-based organization, most of our activities (open recreation, art and crafts, study/homework assistance, music lessons) are not religious in nature. We adhere to the core principle of loving our neighbors and treating others as we'd like to be treated. There is no religious litmus test to participate or enjoy the actvities here at the youth center. 

7) What is Friday Night Youth B.L.A.S.T?
- On Friday nights from 7:00-7:30 we have a voluntary Bible study/lesson for anyone interested called Building Lives Around Solid Truth. If you'd like more specific information about this event, please feel free to reach out to us directly and we can answer any questions you may have.

8) Is there food avaiable for the kids?
- Having 4 children of our own, we understand that kids are ALWAYS hungry!! While we don't regularly offer full meals, we do have a good supply of snacks and drinks for the kids while they are here.

9) We saw the pictures of kids outside in Letchworth Park. Do you do field trips?
- On occasion, we will partner with local organizations for field trips for the kids. When we have enough staffing and the weather allows, we sometimes bring the kids down to Bellamy Park to play basketball, use the swings and playground and just enjoy the outdoors.